Credentialing Excellence in Health Education

Health Education Specialist: Companion Guide for Professional Excellence, 7th Edition

This study guide covers both the MCHES® and CHES® exams for 2021. This companion guide is based on the Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis-2015 and includes the updated and validated Competencies and Sub-competencies at the entry and advanced levels. This publication is an excellent resource to assist in studying for the revised Master Certified Health Education (MCHES®) Examination and Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) Examination . The publication can be used to assess health education knowledge. Instructors in professional preparation programs may find the format and organization of this book to be a useful supplement to textbooks and classroom lectures. Employers can encourage their employees to use this book as a tool to determine whether additional professional development in specific areas is needed. This publication should not be used in place of primary sources, but rather as a supplemental tool for identifying areas of practice that may require further study using nationally recognized scholarly references. Exam preparation should not be limited to this study guide. **Note: Includes Advanced-Level MCHES® material and Practice Exams for both CHES® and MCHES®
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