Credentialing Excellence in Health Education

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Continuing Education Credit Activities

TitleLocationCityStateEvent Start DateLinkProgram CostCost of CECHCECH ApprovedAdvanced CECH ApprovedContinuing Competency CreditsTopic
Facilitating Lasting Lifestyle Change In Health PromotionWebinar--03/01/2021 $645.00$0.001260Combination / Mix, Other, Population Health, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Worksite Wellness
Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy and Social Media’s Role in Spreading Vaccine Misinformationwebinar--03/01/2021 $0.00$0.00100Immunizations/Vaccinations
CREATING & IMPLEMENTING COMMUNITY-BASED INTERVENTIONS TO ADDRESS ADDICTION AND RECOVERYonline--03/02/2021 $0.00$0.002.7502.75Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Community Health, Mental Health
Cancer Prevention and SurvivorshipTeleconference--03/02/2021 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EDHI) Conference --03/02/ $275.00$0.006900Health Disparities, Maternal/Child Health, Other, Research to Practice
Intrinsic Coach® Series IIvia teleconference--03/02/2021 $595.00$25.0026260Combination / Mix, Other, Worksite Wellness
Transforming the Narrative to Meet Emerging Health Behavior ChallengesVirtual-This event will be held between 3/2/21 and 3/26/21 on various dates. See website for info--03/02/2021 $100.00 11.511.50Research to Practice
Women's Health UpdateOnline--03/02/2021 $95.00$0.00600Family Planning, Women's Health
Evidence, Insights, and Strategy: Developing Effective Health Messages about Alcohol and Sexual ConsentWebinar--03/03/2021 $0.00$0.00110Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Other, Violence Prevention
Health Links: Taking Care of OurselvesOnline--03/03/2021 $0.00$0.00100Community Health, Environmental Health, Global Health, Occupational Health
Partnering for Improved Communication: A Health Literacy Program-in-a-Box-Encore PresentationWebinar-encore presentation, cannot earn credits if already participated--03/03/2021 $0.00$0.00.7500Community Health, Program Planning
Well Workplace University -March 2021Live Webinar-WI03/03/2021 $119.00$0.00500 
Writing for Publication Information Series: Part III:Translation and Dissemination --03/03/2021 $0.00$9.00100Community Health, Grant Writing, Other, Research to Practice
Cultural Humility to Cultural Reverence for Human Services ProfessionalsWebinar--03/04/2021 $450.00$0.0012012Cultural-Diversity, Mental Health, Minority Health, Occupational Health, Population Health
HHS Office of Minority Health, COVID-19 Learning Community Kick Off EventVirtual--03/04/2021HHS WebEx Meetings $0.00$0.00100Advocacy, Chronic Disease and Conditions, Community Health, Health Disparities, Minority Health
Hepatitis C ECHOTeleconference--03/04/2021 $0.00$ Disease and Conditions, Communicable Diseases, Health Disparities
Meeting of the Minds Training Seriesvirtual. This is a 9-week series starting 3/4/21 and ending 5/7/21. --03/04/2021 $15.00$20.0043100Adolescent Sexuality, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Family Planning, Research to Practice, STD Prevention, School Health, Tobacco, Violence Prevention
World Obesity Day Summit --03/04/2021 $0.00$0.00220 
Integrated Pain ManagementTeleconference--03/05/2021 $0.00$0.00110Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Chronic Disease and Conditions, Health Disparities
Wisconsin Contraceptive Care Summit 2021online--03/05/2021 $25.00$0.003.500Family Planning
CaliFresh Healthy Living Virtual Forum 2021Virtual--03/08/2021 $0.00$0.001500Nutrition/Obesity, Other, Physical Activity/Exercise, Research to Practice
Wellness Mapping 360 Wellness & Heach Coawebinar--03/08/2021 $1,595.00$0.0038280Combination / Mix, Program Planning, Research to Practice, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Worksite Wellness
2021 Consumer Food Safety Education ConferenceVirtual--03/09/2021 $129.00$0.001600Population Health, Public Health Policy/Law, Research to Practice
Cancer in the COVID Era: Navigating Unchartered Waters --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.00010Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Challenges Faced During the COVID Era --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.000.50Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Depression on College Campuses Conference. Addressing the Dual Pandemic: The Impact of COVID-19 and Racial Injustice on College Student HealthVirtual--03/09/ $75.00$0.008.500Communicable Diseases, Mental Health, School Health
From Data to Driving Systems Change for Health Equity in Texas: Findings from the Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE) Initiative --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.00110 
Lung Cancer Screenings During the COVID Era --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.00010Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Pitching Public Health to Public Libraries: Finding Common Groundwebinar--03/09/2021 $0.00$0.00100Community Health, Program Planning
Smoking, Vaping and COVID-19: A Dangerous Mix! --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.000.50Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Tobacco
The Impact of Health Disparities on Cancer Survival --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.000.50Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
UPDATES AND PROJECTIONS CANCER AND COVID DATA --03/09/2021 $0.00$0.00010Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Why are K-12 and College Athletic Injuries a Public Health Issue?Webinar--03/09/2021 $0.00$9.00100Community Health, Population Health, School Health
Assessing Risks Associated with Alternative Smoking Devices Among Minority Youth, Parents and School Officials --03/10/2021 $0.00$0.00010Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Tobacco
Enhance Your Public Health Searching SkillsWebinar--03/10/2021 $0.00$0.00100Program Planning, Research to Practice
IN COVID-19 Response ECHOTeleconference--03/10/2021 $0.00$0.00110Communicable Diseases, Disaster Control / Emergency Services, Population Health
Implementing Community Tobacco Prevention Programs in the COVID Era --03/10/2021   0.050Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Tobacco
Intersectional FeminismOnline--03/10/2021 $29.00$0.001.500Cultural-Diversity, Family Planning, Women's Health
LGBTQ+ Health ECHOTeleconference--03/10/2021 $0.00$ Disparities, LGBT
Tobacco Prevention Evaluation in a COVID-19 Context --03/10/2021 $0.00$0.00010Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Tobacco
HIV ECHOTeleconference--03/11/2021 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Park Rx: Exploring an Innovative Prescription Program $0.00$0.00110Community Health, Family Health, Physical Activity/Exercise, Public Health Policy/Law
Improving Credibility: The Importance of Increasing Gender Equity in Public Health LeadershipWebinar--03/15/2021 $0.00$0.00100Cultural-Diversity
Cancer Prevention and SurvivorshipTeleconference--03/16/2021 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
March Madness in MedicineVirtual--03/17/2021 $0.00$ Disease and Conditions, Nutrition/Obesity, Population Health, Program Planning, Research to Practice
WELCOA Webinar: Health Promotion Legal Update (March 2021)Webinar. Must be Welcoa member to receive credit.--03/17/2021 $0.00$0.00101Public Health Policy/Law, Worksite Wellness
Hepatitis C ECHOTeleconference--03/18/2021 $0.00$ Disease and Conditions, Communicable Diseases, Health Disparities
Love Should Not Hurt: Domestic Violence Part 1Virtual--03/18/2021 $0.00$0.001.500Violence Prevention
Reaching Toward Proficiency: Motivational Interviewing and Behavior Change-IntroductoryonlineLa Crosse-03/18/2021 $0.00$15.00121212 
Social Determinants of Healthteleclass--03/18/2021 $395.00$0.007.507.5Community Health, Health Disparities, Minority Health