Credentialing Excellence in Health Education

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Continuing Education Credit Activities

TitleLocationCityStateEvent Start DateLinkProgram CostCost of CECHCECH ApprovedAdvanced CECH ApprovedContinuing Competency CreditsTopic
Intrinsic Coach® Series - Health & Wellnessvia teleconference--04/06/2020 $795.00$25.002400Combination / Mix, Other, Worksite Wellness
Wellness in Clinical Practice Certificate Program --04/06/2020 $549.00$0.00777Men's Health, Other, Women's Health
COVID19: Using a Health Equity and Human Rights Lens to Protect Vulnerable Populations during this Pandemic and BeyondWebinar--04/07/2020 $0.00$0.00110Health Disparities
Cancer Prevention and SurvivorshipTeleconference--04/07/2020 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Contaminated Air: The Invisible Threat to Patients and Healthcare WorkersWebinar--04/07/2020 $0.00$0.00110Combination / Mix, Community Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Population Health
Motivational InterviewingEssential Access Health Los Angeles-CA04/07/2020 $75.00$0.00400Family Planning, STD Prevention, Women's Health
IN COVID-19 Response ECHOTeleconference--04/08/2020 $0.00$ Diseases, Disaster Control / Emergency Services, Population Health
LGBTQ+ Health ECHOTeleconference--04/08/2020 $0.00$ Disparities, LGBT
Blood at the Roots Issues of Health Equity: The New Civil Rights Movements700 N. Greenwood Ave.TulsaOK04/09/2020 $75.00$0.005.500Advocacy, Community Health, Cultural-Diversity, Health Disparities, Minority Health
Medication Assistant Treatmentonline--04/09/2020  $0.00$0.00100Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Social/Behavioral Sciences
Science and Law: Navigating through COVID-19Webinar--04/09/2020 $0.00$0.00100Communicable Diseases
Wisconsin Health Education Network (WHEN) Annual MeetingMarriott Madison West Hotel Middleton-WI04/09/2020 $95.00$0.00550Child / Adolescent Health, Community Health, Family Health, Women's Health
Black Maternal Health Conference145 Harrion Av.BostonMA04/10/2020 $0.00$0.00500Maternal/Child Health
Certification Lactation Cram CoursePHD AuditoriumSanta BarbaraCA04/14/2020 $325.00$0.001400Family Health, Maternal/Child Health, Other
IN COVID-19 Response ECHOTeleconference--04/15/2020 $0.00$ Diseases, Disaster Control / Emergency Services, Population Health
Prevent Cancer Dialogue: Prevention, Screening, ActionVirtual Conference-dates and fees to be determined see website for details--04/15/2020 $325.00$0.001800Cancer
Texting in Health PromotionWebinar--04/15/2020 $0.00$0.00110Other
Tobacco Intervention: Intensive Skills TrainingAC HotelPortlandME04/15/ $100.00$75.0013.56.50Tobacco
Hepatitis C ECHOTeleconference--04/16/2020 $0.00$ Disease and Conditions, Communicable Diseases, Health Disparities
2020 Annual Conference: 2020 VisionSt. Louis Community CollegeSt. LouisMO04/17/2020 $175.00$10.00500Adolescent Sexuality, Family Planning
Integrated Pain ManagementTeleconference--04/17/2020 $0.00$ and Drug Abuse, Chronic Disease and Conditions, Health Disparities
Ohio College Health Association ConferenceOhio Northern UniversityAdaOH04/17/2020 $135.00$0.00510Immunizations/Vaccinations, Mental Health, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Tobacco
Trauma Informed Care & Universal Precautions in the Health Care Settingwebinar--04/17/2020 $0.00$0.001.500Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Other, Research to Practice
Multicultural Competency in Wellness --04/20/2020 $549.00$0.00666Advocacy, Community Health, Cultural-Diversity, Health Disparities, Minority Health
NWI Webinar: What Makes a Good Life? Lessons From an 80-Year Study of Human ThrivingWebinar--04/20/2020 $0.00$0.00111Chronic Disease and Conditions, Occupational Health, Worksite Wellness
Cancer Prevention and SurvivorshipTeleconference--04/21/2020 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Wellness Mapping 360 Wellness & Heach Coachwebinar--04/21/2020 $1,595.00$0.0032320Combination / Mix, Program Planning, Research to Practice, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Worksite Wellness
27th Annual AZ Immunization ConferenceDesert Willow Conference Center-AZ04/22/2020pending $125.00$35.0011.2500Communicable Diseases, Immunizations/Vaccinations, Population Health
Building a Sustainable Arts-Based Health Program: the Hands in Harmony Experience (part 1)online--04/22/2020 $0.00$0.00111Combination / Mix, Other
Health Links Webinar: The Silent Epidemic of Eating Disorders in the WorkplaceWebinar-CO04/22/2020 $0.00$0.00100Family Health, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Worksite Wellness
IN COVID-19 Response ECHOTeleconference--04/22/2020 $0.00$ Diseases, Disaster Control / Emergency Services, Population Health
Intrinsic Coach® Series IIvia teleconference--04/22/2020 $595.00$25.0026260Combination / Mix, Other, Worksite Wellness
LGBTQ+ Health ECHOTeleconference--04/22/2020 $0.00$ Disparities, LGBT
HIV ECHOTeleconference--04/23/2020 $0.00$, Health Disparities, Immunizations/Vaccinations
Resilience and Thriving Certificate Program --04/23/2020 $649.00$0.00555Chronic Disease and Conditions, Occupational Health, Worksite Wellness
Tobacco Treatment Specialist Tobacco Dependence TrainingRoswell Park Comprehensive Cancer CenterBuffaloNY04/27/2020 $1,200.00$0.004022.750Tobacco
Coordinator of Allied and Public Health Continuing EducationLenoir-NC04/28/ $20.00$ and Drug Abuse, Child Abuse, Chronic Disease and Conditions, Maternal/Child Health
IN COVID-19 Response ECHOTeleconference--04/29/2020 $0.00$ Diseases, Disaster Control / Emergency Services, Population Health
Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities- Healthy relationships-consent-boundaries and public v. privateDayton Metro Library 215 E. Third St, Dayton, Ohio 45402-OH04/29/2020 $49.00$0.00300Adolescent Sexuality, Community Health, Violence Prevention, Women's Health
Beyond the Basics: Recognizing and Amplifying Motivation for Positive Change-IntermediateStudent Union, UW- La CrosseLa CrosseWI04/30/2020  $0.0012120 
Well Workplace UniversityMRA Waukesha-WI04/30/2020 $119.00$0.006.500 
Building a Sustainable Arts-Based Health Program: the Hands in Harmony Experience (part2)online--05/13/2020 $0.00$0.00111Combination / Mix, Other
NWI Webinar: Creating Inclusive Health for People with Intellectual DisabilitiesWebinar--05/13/2020 $0.00$0.00110Other
Empowered Health Consciousness Certificate Program --05/14/2020 $649.00$0.00555Chronic Disease and Conditions, Occupational Health, Worksite Wellness
Holistic Stress Management Instructor WorkshopMillennium HotelBoulderCO05/14/2020 $1,695.00$0.002400Combination / Mix, Mental Health, Social/Behavioral Sciences
Learning Circles on Employee WellbeingSchroeder Solutions New Berlin-WI05/14/2020 $59.00$0.00200 
Any Which Way You Go: Exploring Our Relationships to Gender Identify and Human Sexuality2 Astor PlaceNew YorkNY05/15/2020 $60.00$0.00300LGBT
Crisis & Emotional Intelligence- A Family Perspectivewebinar--05/17/2020 $0.00$0.001.500Community Health, Family Health, Mental Health
Learning Circles on Employee WellbeingThe Alliance Fitchburg-WI05/19/2020 $59.00$0.001.500 
NWI Michigan Wellness ConferenceNovi-WI05/19/2020 $275.00$0.00550Program Planning, Worksite Wellness